Blue Skies Chronicles

I know you've always felt like you were alone in the universe. You're not. You never where. It's just that the answer was never in the stars.

There are many stories about what happened in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. Most claim it was a flying saucer, piloted by alien beings from another world. Those stories aren't true.

Well, they're not quite true.

In 1978, 7-year-old Juno Price snuck off while visiting Hobbs End Air Base with her father Peter, who was a civilian contractor working on a top secret project for the United States Air Force. Deep underground, Juno had the most amazing experience. An experience that would turn the next 18 years of her life into a nightmare of emotional turmoil and self-doubt. In 1996, after the sudden death of her father, Juno returned to her childhood home that had caused her so much pain. And she realized that the family she had been searching for had been there all along.

Book 1: BLACK KNIGHT, orginally published in 2019 in two parts, BLACK KNIGHT and WHITE SANDS, sets the stage for an alternate take on the late 20th century where some conspiracy theories are true and where even aliens and self-declared outsiders can find their true home. From this point on, anything is possible. Juno, together with the quirky and endearing alien (not technically alien) MJ, her loving stepmother Kate, the man she had blamed for ruining her life, her former babysitter and surrogate older sister Mary, and a whole host of old and new friends and enemies, is going to experience the ups and downs of small-town life in America.

Blue Skies Chronicles is constantly asking the question what if while following the everyday exploits of a found family. Changing history for the better, and realizing that life on Earth has always been more complex and more amazing than we could have ever imagined.


Blue Skies Chronicles Book 1: BLACK KNIGHT

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